Summer Can Be a Dangerous Time for Basement Mold!

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Summer can be a good time for preventative care against basement mold.

Last week, we looked at the many dangers that the summertime humidity can bring to your home – especially the basement. One of the most common problems during the warmer months of the year, primarily due to the consistent humidity, is the growth of unsightly mold, which can wreak havoc on your home’s very foundation. Here are a few important tips for keeping that issue in check!

The Common Causes of Mold Growth

The most important aspect to remember when addressing a mold issue is what targeted areas the growth requires to spread. Exterior walls, basement walls, windows, attic surfaces, roof sheathing, closed closet walls on exterior walls are all prone to mold growth because these surfaces get cold or cool. Water vapor can turn to liquid water on these surfaces and because the surfaces are not like a mirror, you can’t see the liquid water. It’s there, you just can’t see it. This water sparks the growth of the mold – which is why basements, in particular, are so prone to mold issues.

How to Stop Mold Dead in Its Tracks

To stop the mold, you need to stop the condensation. You mentioned you open the windows of your basement to allow outside air into the space in the summer. This can be very bad, since that air is warm and often has a very high moisture content or relative humidity. When this air floods into your basement and touches the cool walls below grade, the water fog forms on the walls. You can stop liquid water from forming on the walls by making them warmer than the dew point of the air in the basement. In just a scenario, your greatest defense against the growth or spread of mold is always proper basement waterproofing.

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