Why You Should Book Your Basement Inspection in the Summertime

Why You Should Get Your Basement Inspected in the Summertime all aspects waterproofing

Summer is the perfect time of year to have an inspection completed.

A basement inspection is a valuable tool in maintaining your home. But, when is the best time to have your basement inspected? Summer is the perfect time of year to have an inspection completed. During the summer months, you are more likely to be outside enjoying the weather than in your basement. This makes summer an excellent time to schedule a waterproofing inspection for your basement. Here are some reasons why you should book your basement inspection in the summer.

Perfect Timing

Many homeowners do not think to waterproof their basement until after a storm hits, but then it is usually too late. It is important to be proactive about protecting your home from water damage so you are prepared when a flood comes. The best time to get a basement inspection is during the spring and summer months when the weather is nice and dry. This was your basement inspector can easily spot any potential problems and fix them before they get worse.

Easier Inspections

Even the smallest amount of water in the basement can make performing a proper waterproofing inspection challenging. It is very uncommon for a basement to flood during the summertime. That means it will be a much smoother inspection, and the crew can get their job done and get out relatively quickly.

Ideal Weather Conditions

The dry weather during the summer makes it a perfect time to schedule your basement and foundation inspection. There is no snow or ice to try to shovel through. Also, it reduces the chances of discovering standing water in the basement that needs to be dealt with before inspection.

Quicker Repairs

Having your basement inspected in summer also allows the necessary repairs to be done faster. As stated, the calm weather means that your basement inspection team will not have to waste time digging out ice or snow or removing stagnant water from your basement. Digging and excavating around your home’s foundation is much easier when the soil is dry and soft.

Saves You Money Over Time

It is a more straightforward to fix a potential waterproofing issue before any storms or flooding occur. Removing large quantities of water from your basement is an expensive and arduous process. Basement flooding can also damage any belongings in the basement and can also increase the risk of mold in your home. Having your foundation and basement inspected and repaired before the rainy season hits will save you both time and money.

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