Telltale Signs of Water Damage for New Homeowners


Mildew and mold are easy warning signs that your new home may need basement waterproofing.

Summer is often a time when many family begin looking for a new home. With the beautiful warm weather finally around the corner, the housing market is often in full swing. If you’re doing some shopping around on the housing market, here a few crucial tips to keep in mind when it comes to sniffing out problem areas in the foundation and basement, and perhaps even some severe water damage.

The Scent of Mildew

If you’ve ever helped a friend or family member clean out their old childhood home, you’ll easily recognize the scent of mildew the moment its distinctive dampness hits your nose. A common musty odor, mildew can be caused simply from years of water seeping into the basement. While this is often the first sign of major basement waterproofing issues, in many instances, mildew may be a simple matter of purchasing a cheap humidifier and letting it air out the basement itself. Finding signs of mildew in a potential new home is most certainly something to keep an eye one, but not necessarily a deal-breaker.

Major Mold Problems

While mildew is a very common occurrence in most homeowners’ basements — especially if it’s an older structure that has lasted a few generations — mold, on the other hand, is a slightly more-serious problems. Because there are various forms of mold — some of which are toxic and dangerous to your family members’ health — it is something may should rightly give you pause when considering a new home purchase. One of the biggest give away of water damage is mold. If you move forward in moving into a home that has pre-existing mold problems, it could mean you’ll have to repair the leak and have the basement remediated before moving you and your family into the structure. I To be certain, don’t be afraid to ask for a mold inspection before settling on the home to determine if there is a serious problem. You’ll not only be acting to the major benefit of your family’s health and wellbeing, but could be saving yourself a ton of money in repairs down the road.

If you’re looking at a new home and there are no obvious issues with the basement’s integrity, now is also the most opportune time to have your new home professionally waterproofedcall All Aspects Waterproofing today for information and to book an apportionment with our expert team!

Signs of Basement Water Damage with All Aspects Waterproofing

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