The Basics of Choosing A Sump Pump

The key to keeping water damage out of your home is to start with your basement. And a crucial part of basement waterproofing is to have a quality sump pump. Sump pumps have the important job of collecting any excess water in your basement and literally pumping it out and away from your home. Without it, you run the risk of flooding, mold, and even problems in your house’s foundation. When it comes to choosing such an important component of your basement waterproofing, here are some things to consider when shopping for a sump pump. 

Types of Sump Pump

There are several variations of sump pump, which is why it might seem like there is an overwhelming number of options. But in reality, the selections of sump pump boil down to two main categories. First, there are submersible sump pumps. A submersible sump pump is installed within the sump pit, which is at the lowest point in your basement. Next, there is the pedestal pump which is placed hallway in the sump pit, and it is designed with the motor on top. The submersible sump pump is the most common, but a pedestal sump pump is good for homes that have a sump pit that is too small for a submersible unit.

Battery Backup

These days, there new modifications to sump pumps so that they have a built-in battery backup system. This is because traditional sump pumps would not be able to function when the power went out; often a heavy storm will knock out the power, and that is when you need a sump pump the most to fight flooding. Usually, the battery backup system is only supposed to kick on in an emergency. But you can also find hybrid sump pumps that operate on electricity and battery so that you have your backup system working as double duty against high amounts of water. It all depends on your preference.

Sump Pump vs. Sewage Pump

Lastly, some people might get confused when they hear about a sewage pump, and they assume it is the same as a sump pump. However, the biggest difference between a sewage pump and a sump pump is that a sewage pump is specifically designed to carry solid waste away from your home. Also, sewage pump will be installed in or near your home’s septic tank, which is not always in the basement. So if you have a sewage pump, don’t take it for granted because you want to make sure that you also have a working sump pump as well. 

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