The Importance of Mold Removal

The Importance of Mold Removal all aspects waterproofing

When mold spores begin to grow unnoticed, they can lead to health issues if you inhale them.

Mold grows in dark, damp areas and presents significant health hazards to the rest of the building, which is why it’s critical to hire a professional mold removal company to remediate a mold problem in your basement. When mold spores form in moist environments and begin to grow unnoticed, they can lead to health issues if you inhale a higher concentration of spores. Let’s go over the importance of mold removal.

Mold Causes Health Issues

The mold spores released from a serious infestation can cause severe illnesses among residents. Mold spores exacerbate allergic reactions in those with sensitivities, such as asthma. Short and long-term mold exposure can cause symptoms similar to the common cold or flu. Common signs include sneezing, coughing, itchy eyes, skin rashes, a sore throat, and even respiratory disease.

Mold Spreads Toxins

While not all kinds of mold are dangerous, certain types can produce toxic substances hazardous to humans and animals. These toxins are called mycotoxins, and they are known to cause various symptoms. Symptoms can range from mild rashes and nausea to more severe conditions such as liver damage, central nervous system complications, and cancer. Residents can be exposed to mycotoxins through ingestion, inhalation, or direct contact with the skin. Mycotoxins can be hazardous, but we still don’t know much about these toxins.

Hidden Mold

Various mold species, like black mold, can usually be found in the invisible parts of a building. And if you leave mold untreated, it causes structural damage to your house. Many homeowners want to save some money and remove the mold themselves. However, this is not a process that should be DIY-ed. You may even end up spreading the mold further by disturbing the spores. It is best to let a professional mold remediation company handle the issue. Not only will they eliminate all obvious sources of mold, but they will also inspect your home for signs of hidden mold that you may not have noticed. Often, mold hides in the ductwork, air handling unit, underneath wallpaper, and even in the crawlspace or basement.

How to Prevent Mold Growth

Prevention is the first step of mold remediation. Keeping your home protected against mold will reduce possible health hazards and save you money. The best way to prevent mold growth is to control the moisture in your house. Some tips include:

  • Fix water leaks: Be sure to repair any water leaks quickly. Have a contractor inspect for hidden leaks.
  • Reduce condensation: Keep room temperatures warm or well insulated to prevent condensation.
  • Reduce humidity: To keep the air flowing, open windows, install exhaust fans, or use a dehumidifier.

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