The Top 3 Basement Waterproofing Principles

Basement Waterproofing

Learn the basics of basement waterproofing so you can keep that space looking pristine!

It’s incredibly important to keep your basement protected from moisture. Between buildup, cracks, leaks, and flooding, there are a number of ways that your basement can be exposed to costly and unsafe water damage. When you have a damp basement, your home is at risk for potentially devastating water damage, and even unsafe mold and mildew growth that can cause health issues. This makes waterproofing your basement crucial to protecting your home from several types of damage. But where do you start? There are a few principles to waterproofing your basement that will help you get a handle on the most important parts of your basement to protect. Here are the top 3 basement waterproofing principles.

1. Drainage

Drainage should be an area of focus when waterproofing your basement, as poor drainage can flood your basement during inclement weather or cause serious problems if there are undiscovered cracks in the walls or window insulation. Proper drainage will help to divert water away from your home and keep your basement dry. Drainage is affected by the slope of the ground, the type of soil around your foundation, and even the amount of rain your area gets.

2. Interior

Interior waterproofing methods are typically the ones you will be able to take care of affordably on your own. This includes inspecting your basement for any cracks or leaks, as well as checking window seals and even the plumbing for water leakage issues. Make sure to use waterproof sealants around windows and doors in your basement to prevent moisture from leaking in. You can also easily fill and coat most common basement cracking. However, if you have already noticed excessive leaking or moisture in your basement, you may need assistance. Larger, more severe cracks and leaks may require the attention of a waterproofing professional.

3. Exterior

While you can seal and fill many leakage problems on the interior of your basement, most waterproofing problems have to do with the exterior. Take care to check for exterior issues that are often the root cause of many basement waterproofing issues. Exterior waterproofing may require simple fixes, such as diverting your rain gutters to encourage water to flow away from your home. However, it may be more complicated. Exterior waterproofing may even require excavating the soil around your home’s foundation to fix problems with your home’s structure or especially severe cracks in the foundation.

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