Foundation problems

Do you have foundation problems?

Foundation problems are something that no homeowner or business owner wants to think about, but paying attention to your foundation and keeping your eyes peeled for any potential foundation problems is the best way to prevent even costlier repairs down the road. Here are some of the most common warning signs that point to problems with the foundation.

Cracks or Crumbling

The easiest to spot problem with a foundation is typically any cracking or crumbling in the foundation. Take a walk around your home or building to see if you see any cracks in the foundation. While not all cracks mean major issues, there are almost always signs that something isn’t right. By paying attention to cracks or crumbling now, you can prevent even more structural or building damage down the road.

Water Damage

Has your home had any water damage in the time that you have lived there? Whether you recently had some flooding or had a pipe burst and cause water damage, you should always pay extra attention to your foundation afterward and ask a professional to evaluate your situation. Water damage can lead to many problems around the house, including issues with foundation, structural damage, and mold growth. After any major flooding event, don’t just forget your foundation after the water dries!

Sagging Floors or Warped Ceilings

These can be signs of past water damage or simply a damaged foundation. Whether it’s a sagging floor in your living room that has always been there or a ceiling that is starting to appear warped in the corners, these are both potential signs that something is wrong with your home’s foundation. While sagging floors can sometimes be signs that the wood is simply too old to work well at holding you up, they can be indicators of much bigger problems with your home’s foundation as well.

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