The Three Main Types of Home Foundations

Basement home foundations allow easy access to all home utilities and it gives you extra living space!

Basement home foundations allow easy access to all home utilities and it gives you extra living space!

A lot of people may not think about how their home foundation was built when they are purchasing a home. However, it is good to know about the different types of home foundations so that you know what pros and cons yours comes with. Whether you want to find out about your pre-existing home or are building a new one, here are the three main types of home foundations.

Slab Foundations

This is one of the most common types of home foundations that you’ll find because they require the lowest amount of prep to begin. The low preparation time makes them a more affordable option, which also contributes to its popularity amongst homeowners. Slab foundations are low maintenance, but because the plumbing systems are installed below the slab, any repairs needed can be very expensive. They also don’t provide the best protection against storms and other various weather elements. With slab foundations as well as others, you want to make sure the drainage system is properly installed to push water away from the home.

Crawl Space Foundations

With a crawl space foundation, homes are elevated a few feet off the ground. Aside from that, they are constructed similar to slab foundations. Compared to a basement foundation, crawl space foundations are cheaper, but tend to take the same amount of time to build. With this type of foundation, you can easily access all of your home’s utilities in case repairs are needed. Your floors also tend to be warmer. On the downside, this home foundation is prone to moisture accumulation, so you want to consider waterproofing options to keep moisture out.

Basement Foundations

For a basement foundation, a hole that is at least eight feet deep needs to be dug and it ends in a concrete slab. People are building basement foundations with concrete walls which eliminates structure and moisture issues. One of the greatest benefits of a basement foundation is the added square footage you get to your home and it provides you with extra living space. Utilities are able to be placed in the basement so technicians can easily get to your utilities without having to crawl or digging into a slab. Basements provide great protection from storms and harsh weather.

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