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Mold testing is something that many homeowners view as something they will perform if and when they notice mold becoming a problem. However, mold is a problem long before you ever notice it growing. Before you ever see mold growth, you could suffer from breathing difficulties, increased allergies, and other ill effects as a result of its growth—especially if you have young or elderly family members. It is always better to treat a mold problem the moment it starts, so don’t put off mold testing when your family’s health and wellbeing is on the line. Why should you consider mold testing for your home?


Many people think that mold testing is a pricey and unnecessary expense for their home. While it isn’t free, mold testing is much more affordable than you might thing. For a medium sized home, it may only be a few hundred dollars to get your home thoroughly checked and any problems diagnosed. Furthermore, mold testing is much cheaper than a long-term mold problem that requires your home to be evacuated in order to be treated!


Unlike the process of removing mold from an affected home, mold testing is very quick. It won’t require days and days of waiting around the house for a professional to show up and complete the job and then waiting for results. Instead, a professional will show up at the appointment time, find samples to test, take a sample of your home’s air, and take the samples immediately to a lab to test them for mold. Within a few days, you will know if your home has mold, what type of mold it is, and get suggestions for remediation and prevention.


Professional mold testing companies like All Aspects Waterproofing are experts at what they do. We know all about the hundreds of different mold species that could be living in your home, where they typically live, and whether or not they are dangerous. We can provide guaranteed and accurate results to give you peace of mind (or a treatment plan).

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