What Causes Basement Leaks?

What Causes Basement Leaks? all aspects waterproofing

Basement leaks are incredibly hazardous — to your health as well as the structural integrity of your home.

Basement leaks are incredibly hazardous — to your health as well as the structural integrity of your home. While you might not consider a leaky basement as something you’ll ever have to deal with — the experience is all too common among homeowners everywhere. Having a dry basement might seem simple, but after experiencing a basement leak, you should be sure to take proactive steps, so you don’t ever have to experience that type of event again. Being mindful about preventing basement leaks starts with understanding how they are caused. Here are some common causes of basement leaks and the best methods to avoid them.

Ineffective And Inefficient Grading

When you have poor grading systems, you are likely to experience leaks in your basement. If your home was built with improper grading, then it is inevitable that you’ll have to deal with a leaky basement at some point. When grading is accomplished properly, your home’s foundation is typically graded to slant away from the basement — thereby avoiding the issue of water seeping into your home. When you have improper or ineffective grading, the water will inevitably find its way into your home. 

Foundational Cracks

Cracks in your foundation are guaranteed to lead to leaks in your basement. Foundation cracks are incredibly hazardous and can lead to a really dangerous situation over time. These cracks can be a clear cause for experiencing basement leaks. Ultimately, having a basement waterproofer inspect the area and ensure that your foundation is properly intact can do wonders for the potential of any leaks in the space overall. No homeowner wants to experience a leak in their basement, but unfortunately, it is quite common — but when you take the proper steps and measures ahead of time to prevent water from gaining entry to your basement can really do wonders towards ensuring your home doesn’t experience any water damage like mold and mildew or worse — structural damage. 

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