What is Foundation Underpinning?

foundation underpinning

Foundation underpinning can be used to keep your home safe.

Unlike basements and the main level of your home, the foundation of your house is often overlooked when it comes to damage. It does not contribute to the overall aesthetics of your home and is often out of sight. But when there is damage to your foundation, it can be disastrous for the rest of your home. A strong foundation is a must for every home. Luckily, if your foundation does incur damage, All Aspects Waterproofing can help fix it. Let’s take a look at how foundation underpinning can help your home.

What is Foundation Underpinning?

Foundation underpinning is a repair used to strengthen the foundation of your home that is weakened. In the process of underpinning, the area under the load of the foundation is repaired or reinforced. There are many different types of underpinning made for different kinds of repair projects. While not every damaged foundation uses foundation underpinning, it is often necessary if the foundation is too weak to fully support the structure of the house. Underpinning is often used when the soil holding the foundation becomes weak because of weather or other necessary excavation. It could also be necessary if the structure has changed, making the foundation lose its support efficiency.

The Process of Foundation Underpinning

There are several different types of underpinning to choose from. The traditional method is to create a mass concrete underpinning. This process is best suited for shallow underpinning and involves excavating the weak soil underneath the foundation and to replace it with mass concrete. This process makes the concrete base stronger than the soil used to hold the foundation and weight of the structure.

Another method involves the use of a beam and base. This method uses traditional mass concrete bases and incorporates beams to support the existing foundation. The load is transferred to a concrete beam that is constructed beneath it. The beam is then used to transfer the load onto the concrete base to spread it evenly.

Mini-piled underpinning involves transferring the load of a structure and foundation to stable soil that is found underground. The depth of the soil often exceeds 16 feet. The piles, with a diameter between five and 11 inches in diameter, are driven into drilled holes so they rest on the stable soil below.

When you have severe foundation damage, foundation underpinning is one of the most effect ways to save your home. For more information on foundation or footer underpinning, call All Aspects Waterproofing today!

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