Why Crawl Space Moisture is a Serious Issue

Here is what could happen if you let moisture develop in the crawl space for some time.

The crawl space is barely noticeable underneath your home. Yet, with only a little moisture, numerous unsavory issues could sneak through. The best strategy to combat these potential issues is to have your crawl space inspected and waterproofed. Here is what could happen if you let moisture develop in the crawl space for some time.

Breeding Pests

Water usually attracts creatures and creepy crawlies. The thing you definitely don’t need is to support a vermin invasion under your home. A wet crawl space can turn into a haven for pests to breed and die. While this alone sounds repulsive, it’s much more terrible to imagine that these pests could, without much of a stretch, discover a path inside your home through areas in your crawl space. And if your crawl space draws in termites, you will have a much more serious issue on your hands.

Compromised Foundation

It is vital to have your crawl space and basement waterproofed because water can influence your foundation. After some time, an abundance of moisture can erode and weaken the structure of your foundation. Temperature changes can speed up the damage because the water freezes and spreads to make cracks and afterward softens into those cracks to compound the cycle.

Mold Growth

Since moisture quite often prompts the development of mold, your crawl space will probably become moldy rapidly. Once mold takes root in one part of your home, it can effectively spread everywhere else. Mold can destroy your subfloor, further harming the structure of your home. What’s more, mold spores can float through little holes in your crawl space and floors, running the air quality and making your house a health hazard.

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