Why Your Basement is Prone to Leaks

why your basement is prone to leaks all aspects waterproofing

Ignoring a small leak can turn into a more significant issue that causes serious problems

Rain is great for your lawn and garden but it is not so beneficial if all that water finds its way into your basement. If you notice water in your basement after it rains, it is not the end of the world. Basement water problems are common in many homes. Ignoring a small leak can turn into a more significant issue that causes serious problems, like damage or loss of property and dangerous structural issues. The first step to resolving your basement water problems is first to understand why water leaks into the basement. Here are some reasons why your basement may be leaking.

Lateral Pressure

Lateral pressure is caused by the softer soil around the perimeter of your home due to water buildup and moisture that surrounds the foundation. This soil absorbs the extra water that falls off of roofs or out of clogged gutters, causing it to expand. Having large amounts of expanding soil can cause significant pressure against your foundation and leaks in your basement. 

Hydrostatic Pressure

During heavy rainfall, the soil underneath your foundation can become saturated with water. This creates hydrostatic pressure that pushes moisture through your basement floors and walls, causing mid-height and floor level leaks. This type of basement leak is relatively easy to identify and recognize, as they are usually found isolated on the floor or wall with no obvious source to account for the excess water.

Faulty Window Wells

If you notice moisture around the windows of your basement, it could be an indication that your window wells are leaking water into the basement. If a window well is not correctly installed or if the drain becomes clogged, the window well can fill with water. During heavy rainfall, the water can seep into your basement. It is best to find a way to keep this water drained properly not to cause additional damage to the window or your basement.

Internal Leaks

Sometimes water damage comes from the inside of your home rather than outside. A leaky pipe or faulty plumbing can cause water damage in your basement. To find the source of your leak, you will want to locate where the water pools and follow the water stream back to where it started. Depending on how bad your leaks are, your plumbing issues could result from a more significant problem. Make sure you hire a professional plumber to identify the leaks and make the necessary repairs.

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