How the Winter Impacts Your Foundation

How the Winter Impacts Your Foundation

The foundation of your home is just as at risk to the effects of winter as your roof.

The foundation of your home is just as at risk to the effects of winter as your roof. In fact, the health and integrity of your foundation throughout the winter months is just as important. Prepare all aspects of your home for the harsh effect of winter by doing preventative maintenance now, instead reacting to intense damage later. To get a full picture, let’s talk about how the winter impacts your foundation. 


As temperatures plunge, it causes water in the soil surrounding your home’s foundation to freeze. From this freezing process, the expansion of the frozen water in the soil puts pressure on the foundation that will eventually lead to cracks. If there were any previously-existing cracks in your foundation, then this process will cause those to grow which creates better issues and more expensive repairs. Through these cracks, leaks and pests may find their way into your home.


Coming as a direct result of cracks, water leaks come with a list of issues by itself. As temperatures fluctuate in the winter, it causes water to freeze and melt continuously. This means that damage from water leakage will be a constant threat throughout the season. As excess water seeps into the soil below your home, it will penetrate any existing cracks in your foundation, or even voids in any basement windows that you have.

Sump Pumps

Sump pumps are very useful devices to control the water around your home. However, there is an element of your sump pump that is also subject to the harsh cold of winter. Thee discharge line attached to your sump pump can freeze in very cold weather. This means that your sump pump will be rendered completely ineffective, which then opens your home and foundation to the water leakage that you were trying to avoid.

Snow and Ice Damage

The continuous freezing and melting of snow and ice that the winter brings mean excessive water making its way to your foundation. To prevent this type of damage, you should have your foundation inspected before the onset of winter. Knowing beforehand the type of damage that already exists will allow you to make preventative repairs and conduct preventative maintenance.

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