Carbon Fiber

Carbon Fiber

Carbon Fiber InstallationAcross the globe, steel-reinforced concrete is one of the most widely used materials in all types of construction. It can potentially suffer from damage due to seismic events or may crack due to expansion and contraction caused by changes in temperature. The latter is quite a common occurrence and it allows moisture penetration which in turn results in the expansion & corrosion of the steel rebar. This has a detrimental impact on the concrete and eventually impacts the structural integrity of the structure.

The good news is that, with all the latest materials available today, it’s possible to repair this type of structural damage. We at All Aspects Waterproofing can handle repairs of residential and commercial building foundation repairs. We have over 30 years of experience behind us and have the expertise and the knowledge to repair these deficiencies and improve the load-bearing capacities of the structure. 

Benefits of using carbon fiber strap

In addition to wall pins, steel I pins, epoxy injections etc; we use carbon fiber straps in this work. Once these straps are set in place and are dry, they become as strong as steel. They are a mix of fabric strap & fiberglass mesh and are applied over the crack in the wall basement. There are some distinct advantages to opting for this process:

  • The process is quick
  • Installation is easy
  • No digging required
  • The carbon fiber straps can be used in place of tiebacks
  • Clean alternative to various other techniques
  • The application is very strong and provides the support that damaged and cracked basement walls need

The installation process

Our certified and licensed installers handle installation of carbon fiber straps in an expert manner. This is the process we follow:

  • The foundation wall will be prepared. Here, we mark the position of every carbon fiber strap and then grind vertically in that spot- that is the area they will be applied in
  • The holes required for the sill plate tie will be marked & drilled
  • The sill plate tie will be attached to the strap
  • The tie will be mounted in its pre-marked position
  • Strap is epoxied to the wall
  • The carbon fiber pins will be anchored firmly into the footer and they too will be epoxied in place
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