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If you notice any of these 10 signs in your home, you may need to order a mold test!

Whether you are wanting to be proactive and test for mold in a new property or already concerned about a mold problem and needing a definitive answer, here are ten ways to determine if you should get a professional mold test for your commercial or residential property.

1. Visible Mold

The most obvious sign that there is mold growing is, well, visible mold growing! Mold should never be inside of your home or building, so any visible signs should be taken seriously and addressed immediately. Professional mold testing can determine if what you think is mold is actually mold, what type of mold it is, and how to properly remove it. Some types of mold are more concerning than others, so contacting a professional will ensure that you get the right information and stay safe.

2. You Are Just Moving In

The last thing you want after signing your lease or contract, moving all of your things into a new home or property, and settling in, is realizing that there could be mold already occupying the space. By having a professional mold inspection before you move in, you will avoid moving into a space already occupied by an unfriendly tenant—mold.

3. A Musty Smell That Lingers

If you notice a musty or moldy smell when you close your windows, it might be a sign that mold is starting to grow in your home. Many homeowners smell mold before they ever see it, so act early to prevent a major mold removal project in the future.

4. A Water Leak

If you or your neighboring unit has had a water leak recently, you should definitely check for mold now. Mold can start to grow in only a few days, so don’t assume that your couple-day-drip isn’t having a major effect on the safety of your home.

5. Your Allergies Are Acting Up Inside

If you are sneezing more inside than outside, mold in your home could be causing your allergies or asthma to act up. Mold is one of the most common indoor allergens, and a professional mold test can detect it and trace it to the source so you stop sneezing.

6. Lingering Dampness

If you sense a lingering dampness when you enter the building, it could have a noticeable source. We can help identify where the moisture is coming from and ensure that mold hasn’t built up as a result.

7. Condensation

Is there condensation on your windows when you examine them? If there is condensation on the inside, that moisture is a breeding ground for mold activity. Professional mold testing can make sure that the condensation isn’t already having an effect on the health of your family and home.

8. Sick Pets

Many times, pets get sick from the effects of mold before people living inside will. If your pets have been getting sick frequently or without a noticeable cause, a mold test can determine if the answer lies within your home’s walls.

9. Water Accumulates Outside

If water from outside of your home doesn’t drain quickly and ends up in puddles along the perimeter of your home, it can be causing mold to develop on the inside of your home.

10. You See Mold

Again, if you see mold anywhere inside of your home, even if it is on clothing in your closet or furniture, it is a sign that the problem is bigger than just that object. Mold testing can determine where the origin of the mold is and whether or not it is a particularly dangerous variety.

Professional Mold Testing Services to Keep You Safe

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