4 Reasons Why Foundations Matter

Read on for four of the ways that a foundation is important for your home.

Most people already know that the quality of an entire house depends on the foundation. Having a solid foundation is vital to the structural integrity of a house. But you might have wondered how specifically a good foundation does its job. Read on for four of the ways that a foundation is important for your home.

Structural Support

The most obvious task of a foundation is to act as the base that holds up the rest of the house. To a degree, a house can vary in shape, size, building materials, and construction methods. But as long as the construction of the foundation takes priority, the rest of the structure should remain stable. A foundation is like an anchor for the rest of the house.

Resists Shifting

You might have heard about the phenomenon that is common with all new houses, which is shifting. Once a new house is constructed, it will naturally shift over time as gravity takes over. A solid foundation helps reduce the effects of shifting in the ground, particularly. Without a foundation, a house would shift much more dramatically because it would sink into the ground. One of the many critical purposes of a foundation is to prevent shifting that could cause serious damage to your house.

Varying Climates

another factor that affects most Maryland houses is the unpredictable weather. Sudden precipitation and major temperature changes can change the environment around your house. The climate can affect your house by undermining the hardness of the ground or by introducing excess water. But a strong foundation is designed to resists the negative influence of the weather. A good foundation should crack when the climate goes from swampy to hot and dry.

Property Value

Since a foundation influences the quality of the rest of your house, that also includes the property value. Having a good foundation means that your home won’t be susceptible to as many repair problems. This can make all the difference if you decide to put your house on the market. It’s a good idea to check your basement or crawl space to be sure that you don’t have any leaking or water accumulation that could harm your foundation over time. Often a weak foundation is a deal-breaker for potential home buyers.

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