4 Signs of Leaky Window Wells

4 Signs of Leaky Window Wells all aspects waterproofing

Waterproofing window wells is an essential step toward keeping your basement safe from the weather.

Preventing floods and water damage is a top priority for homeowners everywhere. A flooded basement can lead to costly repairs and damaged personal property. So, it is important to have proper drainage around your foundation and windows. Waterproofing window wells is an essential step toward keeping your basement safe from the weather. However, leaks can still happen, and they must be identified and repaired quickly. Here are a few signs that your window wells may be leaking.

Water Dripping Down Walls

During or shortly after a rainstorm, an obvious sign of a leaking window well is trickling water. Usually, you can see this water dripping down the walls underneath the window well. The water and the streaks left behind are clear signs of a damaged or non-functioning window well. Even minor rainfall can accumulate in poorly drained window wells, allowing moisture to force its way through your windows. Once this happens, the window will continue to leak until the problem is addressed.

Stained or Water Damaged Walls

Even if you do not see the water trickling down the walls, you will still be able to identify a leaky window well. A leak will likely leave some evidence behind, such as stains, discoloration, or pockets of water in the wall. However, keep in mind that it is more difficult to spot the damage on certain types of walls. If you think that your window well is leaking, but you can’t find any evidence, monitor your basement during the next rainstorm to see if you can spot the leaks in action. 

You Find Mold Growing

No one wants to find mold in their home. It is a hassle to clean up and, in some cases, can be harmful to your health. Mold thrives in moist environments, so it may be a sign of moisture seeping through the walls if you find mold growing. If you inspect your basement windows and see mold beginning to form, there is a pretty fair chance that water leaking into your home. However, cleaning the mold alone is not enough. You must find the source of the moisture and fix the problem to prevent more mold from growing.

Puddles Underneath Windows

Another huge sign of leaking window wells is an accumulation of water on the ground near a basement window. If you have noticed puddles of water in your basement, do a quick search for other potential causes, such as a leaking pipe. Once you have ruled out foundation cracks or leaking pipes, the most likely cause will be your windows.

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