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If you reside in Arlington, Virginia, you know how appealing this city is. Located just across the Potomac from Washington, D.C., Arlington is home not only to the historic Arlington National Cemetery and the Pentagon but also to countless residents who commute to D.C. while raising their families in the scenic Virginia town of Arlington. Maintaining your Arlington home requires occasional maintenance or repairs that ensure that Virginia’s humid and wet weather does not impact your building’s long-term integrity. All Aspects Waterproofing is here to offer you the range of waterproofing, mold remediation, and structural repair services you need for the best results. These include basement foundation repairs in Arlington, VA, which help you maintain the critical foundation of your home. Call All Aspects Waterproofing at 866-999-3110 today. You may also submit an online form to receive your free estimate and inspection! 

Complete Structural Repair Services in Arlington 

Structures are made up of several seemingly unrelated components that need to work together properly in order for the structure to last for many years. Collaborating with a trustworthy business like All Aspects Waterproofing is crucial to preventing a gradual deterioration of structural integrity. Our broader range of structural repair services includes our basement foundation repairs in Arlington. 

Wall Cracks 

Cracks in the wall are not just surface issues. These could indicate the beginning of a serious problem that compromises the structural integrity of your house. Leaks and wall fractures in your basement may be signs of problems with your foundation walls. Learn more about our Wall Cracks solutions.

Steel I Beams 

Cracks in basement walls can cause them to bow dangerously. In these cases, installing Steel I Beams preserves and supports the integrity of the structure. If Steel I Beams are not used, the foundation wall might need to be taken down and rebuilt. Discover the strength of Steel I Beams.

Bowing and Buckling Walls

This is a long-term issue that can’t be ignored. If it becomes too bad, the only long-term fix is to rebuild the basement foundation. Explore our solutions for Bowing and Buckling Walls.

Wall Pins

There’s a lot of dampness in the basement, and occasionally the concrete becomes cracked. All Aspects Waterproofing uses multiple basement foundation repairs, including Wall Pins, for best results. Find out more about Wall Pins.

Carbon Fiber

Epoxy injections, Steel I Beams, and wall pins are all utilized with carbon fiber straps. These straps become as strong as steel when placed and allowed to dry. See the benefits of Carbon Fiber.

Epoxy Injections 

Anything from little shrinkage fractures to more significant structural cracks can be treated with epoxy injections. Concrete surfaces can regain some of their former strength with the aid of this rapid and effective method. Discover our Epoxy Injection techniques. 

Footer Underpinning

This technique, which uses wall anchors or concrete underpinnings, stabilizes the affected foundation. Learn about Footer Underpinning.

Does Your Basement Foundation Have Structural Damage? 

When should you start to worry about your foundation’s integrity? Keep an eye out for these indicators:

  • The floors don’t level out equally.
  • Your home appears to have a corner that is lower than the other parts.
  • There are significant, apparent fissures in the outside walls and basement.
  • The windows and doors jam or don’t move smoothly.
  • Your home’s drainage system isn’t working correctly. 

Basement Foundation Waterproofing Services for Your Property 

We enjoy offering our customers waterproofing treatments for their basement foundations that save them money. You may create a comfortable living space in your basement that won’t be vulnerable to leaks or floods with the assistance of our professionals. You can rely on us to provide solutions that result in a basement foundation that is both structurally solid and watertight. To get answers to some of your questions, browse our commonly asked questions. 

All Aspects Waterproofing Provides Interior and Exterior Waterproofing Services

Water leaks in the basement are guaranteed to be diverted outside and away from your home via interior waterproofing. Among the interior waterproofing techniques are: 

  • Pipes and drains can be placed beneath the foundation to collect excess groundwater and are used to detect leaks.
  • The water is directed to the sump pit.
  • Thanks to the sump pump, water is drained out of the basement and away from your house.
  • There are vapor barriers put in.
  • Leaks and cracks are covered.

Exterior Waterproofing is the first line of defense against water infiltrating your home. It includes: 

  • Water is collected by gutters and downspouts and directed away from the house.
  • The outside drainage system is the next component to be worked on while we excavate the foundation.
  • To divert water away from the foundation, we install drain tiles in the dirt-covered and gravel-encircled trench around the home. 

Your basement’s structural integrity and foundation must be preserved using waterproofing treatments. For us to provide basement foundation repairs in Arlington, VA, waterproofing measures are essential.

Call Our Basement Mold Remediation Experts

All Aspects Waterproofing provides necessary home mold removal services in addition to our basement foundation repair services in Arlington. We conduct a comprehensive inspection to determine the severity of the issue. Subsequently, we collaborate with you to create a customized plan for removing basement mold that will revitalize your house. 

Basement Mold Testing 

A musty smell, mold, or wetness might indicate mold development and poor indoor air quality. Our staff is qualified and experienced in determining whether your property is contaminated with mold. Call us for mold testing today.

Indoor Air Quality Tests 

The air quality in your dwellings may negatively impact your family’s health. If you’re worried about the purity of the air, give Aspects Waterproofing a call now! 

Mold Inspection 

By examining the affected areas and collecting samples to gauge the problem’s severity, we can identify the source of the mold concerns. Find out more about our mold inspection service.

HEPA Filtration 

In order to provide secure and efficient air purification, we employ HEPA Filtration systems for mold removal. View our selection of HEPA filtration options for clean air.

Humidity Control 

To maintain the ideal humidity level for your home’s comfort and health, our team offers specialized humidity control solutions. Find more about our practical choices for controlling humidity.

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