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Residents of Reston, Virginia, are proud to call this city home. Reston is located in Fairfax County, in the heart of Northern Virginia, and within the Washington D.C. metro area. Reston has plenty of access to culture and larger cities, as well as beautiful scenery like Lake Fairfax and outdoor activities, including several golf courses, including Reston National Golf Course. If you want to preserve your Reston home, appropriate basement foundation repairs and waterproofing services from All Aspects Waterproofing are essential. Our services are here to help you maintain your home’s structural integrity and provide you with comfort for years. If you require basement foundation repairs in Reston, VA, call All Aspects Waterproofing at 866-999-3110 for more information. You may also submit a contact form online to receive your free estimate. 

Comprehensive Structural Repair Services in Reston 

A building’s many seemingly unrelated sections must work well together for it to last for many years. To halt the deterioration of structural integrity, it is imperative to collaborate with a reputable organization such as All Aspects Waterproofing. Our more extensive selection of structural repair services includes our basement foundation repairs in Reston.

Wall Cracks 

Wall cracks are not only surface-level issues. These can be the initial indications of a serious problem endangering the structural integrity of your house. Leaks and wall fractures in your basement may be signs of problems with your foundation walls. Find out more about our solutions for wall cracks.

Bowing and Buckling Walls 

Bowing or buckling walls is a chronic issue that cannot be ignored. If the problem continues, the only permanent fix is to rebuild the basement foundation. View our options for walls that are buckling and bowing.

Steel I Beams 

Cracks in the basement walls might cause the walls to flex dangerously. In these cases, installing Steel I Beams upholds and preserves the building’s structural integrity. If Steel I Beams are not utilized, tearing down and rebuilding the foundation wall could be necessary. Find out how strong Steel I Beams are.

Epoxy Injections

Epoxy injections are a valuable tool for fixing a variety of structural fractures, including larger cracks and shrinkage fractures. This quick and easy process helps concrete surfaces regain some of their former strength. Explore our methods for Epoxy Injection.  

Carbon Fiber 

Carbon fiber straps are utilized with epoxy injections, Steel I Beams, and wall pins. After being placed and given time to dry, these straps take on the strength of steel. Check out the advantages of carbon fiber. 

Wall Pins 

The basement concrete is prone to cracking because of the moisture in the area. All Aspects Waterproofing employs a range of basement foundation repair solutions, including Wall Pins. Learn more about Wall Pins here.

Footer Underpinning 

This technique uses concrete underpinnings or wall anchors to support the affected foundation. Learn more about Footer Underpinnings. 

Are There Signs of Structural Damage in Your Basement Foundation? 

When should you start to worry about your foundation’s integrity? Prior to contacting us for basement foundation repairs in Reston, look for these warning signs: 

  • The doors and windows slam or move awkwardly 
  • Floors are not uniformly level 
  • There appears to be a corner of your house that sits lower than the others 
  • The drainage system in your house isn’t operating correctly 
  • The basement and exterior walls have visible cracks in them 

Basement Foundation Waterproofing in Reston 

We take great satisfaction in offering our customers in Reston, VA, affordable waterproofing solutions for their basement foundations. With the assistance of our professionals, you can transform your basement into a comfortable, flood-resistant living space. You can rely on us to provide solutions that result in a basement foundation that is both watertight and resilient. To find the answers to some of your questions, check out our commonly asked questions list

Exterior and Interior Waterproofing Solutions for Your Property

Any basement water leaks will be routed outside and away from your Reston, Virginia, home, thanks to interior waterproofing. Some techniques for indoor waterproofing are as follows: 

  • Installing vapor barriers
  • Sealing cracks and leaks
  • Water is evacuated from the basement away from your home with a sump pump
  • The sump pit is where the water is routed 
  • Drains can be positioned beneath the foundation to collect extra groundwater 

The first line of protection against letting water into your property is exterior waterproofing. These services include: 

  • Using gutter and downspout systems to gather water and divert it away from your building 
  • We excavate the foundation to work on the outside drainage system. 
  • We lay drain tiles in the trench surrounding the house, which is lined with gravel and coated with soil, to reroute water away from the foundation. 

Your basement’s foundation and structural integrity must be preserved using waterproofing solutions. For us to provide basement foundation repairs in Reston, Virginia, waterproofing procedures are required.

Call All Aspects Waterproofing for Mold Remediation Services

All Aspects Waterproofing provides essential mold removal services for homes in addition to basement foundation repair services in Reston. We conduct a comprehensive analysis to ascertain the extent of the issue. After that, we collaborate with you to create a special mold removal plan for your basement to revitalize your house. 

Basement Mold Testing 

Moisture, mold growth, or a musty smell might indicate poor indoor air quality and mold formation. Thanks to their knowledge and experience, our staff can determine whether your home has a mold problem. For mold testing, give us a call now.

Indoor Air Quality Tests 

The air quality in your house may negatively impact your family’s health. If you have any concerns about the quality of the air, contact Aspects Waterproofing immediately! 

Humidity Control

Our crew offers knowledgeable humidity control solutions to keep your home at the ideal humidity level for comfort and health. Learn more about our sensible options for managing humidity.

Mold Inspection 

We can identify the source of mold issues by inspecting the affected areas and collecting samples to determine the severity of the problem. Learn more about our mold inspection service.

HEPA Filters

To guarantee safe and efficient air purification, we eradicate mold using HEPA filtration equipment. View our assortment of clean air HEPA filtration choices.

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