Basement Waterproofing in Lanham, Maryland

Does your home flood after a heavy rainstorm? Have you noticed any unpleasant, musty smells in your basement? Revive your home with help from All Aspects Waterproofing! We’re a trusted basement waterproofing specialist in Lanham, Maryland, with over 30 years of industry experience. As a five-star-rated company, our team has the vital skills you need to strengthen your home’s defense system against rain or snow. Our interior and exterior basement waterproofing services are crucial, and our team always goes the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction. If you live in Lanham, Maryland, invest in your home with efficient basement waterproofing services! Ready to get started? Contact us today to learn more. 

Interior and Exterior Basement Waterproofing

There are two main types of basement waterproofing: interior and exterior. All Aspects Waterproofing will guide you through each type and help you choose the best method for your home. Each classification is supported by a selection of significant components and devices, including the following:

Basement Waterproofing in Lanham, Maryland

One of the key components of an efficient basement waterproofing system is a sump pump! A sump pump is designed to collect any excess ground water and direct it away from your home.

As the first line of defense for your home, exterior waterproofing is incredibly significant. It primarily utilizes gutters, downspouts, drain tiles, the waterproof membrane, and the exterior drainage system to protect your home. Using these components, it redirects water away from the house’s foundation. 

Interior basement waterproofing tackles leaks in the basement. It uses pipes, drains, sump pumps, and vapor barriers to expel the water to the outside of the house. Our team will also seal any cracks or leaks in the walls of your basement. 

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All Aspects Waterproofing is a pillar of the Lanham community. We’ve supported homeowners in Lanham, Maryland, with our essential basement waterproofing services for over 30 years, providing comprehensive interior or exterior solutions to strengthen your home’s defense system. Our team of qualified installers and inspectors utilize advanced technology to waterproof your home. Additionally, we’re certified in mold remediation and will help you bring your home back to life. 

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