Do You Need a Battery Backup System for Your Sump Pump?

Battery backup Sump Pump

Have you thought about a battery backup system for your sump pump?

While the vast majority of homeowners know that they have a primary AC-powered sump pump in their crawl space or basement, but not as many have the kind of battery backup system they need in case of emergencies. Why do you need a battery backup system? Read on to learn more and make sure your sump pump never fails you or your home.  

Why Do You Need A Battery Backup System For Your Sump Pump?

Power outages are not unheard of, and depending on the climate and electrical system where you live may even be common. If you do not have a battery backup system for your sump pump when the power goes out or a blown fuse, tripped circuit breaker, or any other sort of event disrupts the power to your home, your primary sump pump will stop running and you may have a flood on your hands.  

A Battery Backup System  For Your Sump Pump Prevents Flooding

No piece of equipment works forever, regardless of how high quality, expensive, or well-maintained it is, which is why it is important to be prepared. When your primary sump pump faces any sort of mechanical problem or clog, you are at risk for flooding. In this case, a battery backup system may save your home from water damage and its effects. In the case of the float switch on your sump pump getting stuck or failing to activate, you will also experience flooding if proper precautions are not taken.

The Benefits Of A Sump Pump Backup System

If you live in an area prone to flooding and power outages, being prepared in this way will save you a lot of anxiety. Rather than lying awake at night during inclement weather wondering if your primary pump will hold up and prevent potentially disastrous flooding, you will know that you are covered and no flooding or potentially expensive, time-consuming, disruptive, and draining clean up and damage await you.

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