What Causes Basement Flooding During the Winter?

Basement Flooding

Basement flooding can be particularly scary for homeowners and the risk is even higher during winter months.

During the spring and summer, when rain and thunderstorms are a part of life, basement flooding is common. Water damage can occur as a result of basement flooding, so even a small thunderstorm could mean a huge headache down the road. Did you know that basement flooding can also occur in the winter? Here are some of the reasons why basement flooding is such a problem during the winter months.

Ice and Snow

The most common causes of basement flooding and the resulting water damage during the winter months include ice floes and blocked drains due to snow. When a major snowstorm or ice storm happens, all of the surrounding area melts, and the water needs somewhere to go. If a portion of your yard has melted and the rest has not, the water might find its way into your basement or home as a result of the ice blocking typical drainage methods. Whenever a snowstorm happens, you should always make sure that gutters and drains are clear of ice so that all water can drain as it needs to.

Burst Pipes

Another common winter cause of basement flooding is burst pipes. Sometimes pipes break as a result of poor plumbing, but most commonly they break due to the freezing temperatures outdoors. Frozen water in your pipes will expand and increase the pressure inside of the pipes. Once the pressure is too great, the water and ice inside of the pipes will burst and cause an instant leak. A burst pipe will cause immediate basement flooding and water damage as a result.

Improper Grading

As we mentioned above when discussing ice and snow, the drainage in your yard is an important part of preventing basement flooding. If your yard is not properly graded, water will not drain away from your property and might end up being pushed up against your foundation walls instead. Before winter begins, you should have your grading and drainage systems examined to make sure that they adequately meet your needs.

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