What Is Causing Your Basement to Leak?


Basement leaks are no fun but you’ve got to figure out the source of them first.

A basement leak is one of the most annoying and frustrating things that can occur in your home. Walking downstairs only to feel a wet floor can derail your entire day and cause a great deal of panic. When you are dealing with a basement leak, the most important step of the clean-up process is determining what the leak is being caused by.

Why Do Basements Have Flooding?

The most common causes of basement flooding including a pipe leaking, a roof leak, water flowing over a foundation wall, or water coming up through the basement floor. Flooding can cause a great deal of water damage and require repairs to drywall, carpeting, flooring, furniture, and anything else in your basement.

The Best Way to Find a Basement Leak

When searching for a leak in your basement, you should start by:

  • Locating where water is present in your basement and matching it up to the outside of your home
  • At the location where you think the water might be coming in, grab your garden hose and place it right next to the foundation wall
  • Turning on the water so that the water starts to flow down the wall and into the basement
  • You should return to the inside of your home to see how the water enters your basement and how long it takes
  • If the water does enter your home, you need serious help to waterproof your basement and correct problems with your foundation
  • If the water does not enter your home when you do this trick, it’s a sign that the outside of your home might not be the cause of the leak


Once you’ve determined where the source of your foundation and basement leak is, you should call a basement waterproofing expert to correct the problem and prevent future damage. All Aspects Waterproofing can also take care of preventing mold growth and correcting other issues with your yard drainage as well.

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