Crawl Space Moisture: Tips for Drying it Out

Your crawl space is an area that is prone to moisture accumulation, so follow these tips to help keep it dry!

The winter season is quickly approaching and that means possible snow and ice accumulation. The last thing you want is excess moisture getting trapped in your home and causing mold growth, water damage, and possible home foundation problems. Your crawl space is an area that is prone to accumulating and holding on to moisture, so it’s a good idea to make sure it’s dry for the upcoming winter. Here are some tips for drying out your crawl space.

Better Drainage

In order to effectively dry out your crawl space, you must start with the source of the moisture. If your home has drainage problems, that could explain why moisture keeps getting into your crawl space. You can improve the drainage in your home by ensuring that the soil closest to your home stands tall enough to help trap moisture. You also want to clean out your gutters and downspouts or consider investing in new ones altogether.

Cover the Floor

Another way to help dry out your crawl space is to cover the floor with something called a moisture barrier. A moisture barrier is simply a piece of heavy duty plastic that goes across the floor and helps to keep moisture from accumulating in the room. The thicker your moisture barrier, the more effective it will be. You want to make sure that no holes or punctures are present in  your moisture barrier or it will be ineffective.


People use dehumidifiers around the home to get rid of any excess moisture in the air. These devices can also be used for crawl spaces. In fact, they have some dehumidifiers that are specially designed to get rid of moisture in crawl spaces. However, if you crawl space isn’t excessively wet, then you should be able to use a standard humidifier made for a large room.

Foundation Insulation

Preventing moisture in the home begins with your home’s foundation. It is a good idea to insulate your exposed home foundation walls with some sort of moisture proof insulation. When you tape the seams, it prevents air and moisture from breaching through to your foundation walls. You can also insulate the rim joists and caulk the seams to prevent any moisturized airflow.

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