How to Determine Why Your Wall Has Cracks

wall cracks

While wall cracks are very unsightly, the problems they pose can go far deeper than looks. Wall cracks can actually be warning signs of serious problems.

While wall cracks are very unsightly, the problems they pose can go far deeper than looks. Wall cracks can actually be warning signs of serious problems facing your home. While some cracking is to be expected along the way, and is just the result of a home’s natural aging process, others are definitely a cause for concern. While vertical cracks are not often troublesome, a horizontal crack definitely needs to be addressed. Before you get stressed out, take a look at this handy guide to tackling your wall cracks and their causes.

Cold Weather Causes Wall Cracks


Changes in temperature, especially sharp and unexpected fluctuations, can cause changes in your home. When many materials heat up or cool down, they expand and shrink. Due to this, cracking in your home is unavoidable, and a crack here or there is expected. While superficial cracks are no sweat, deeper cracks definitely need to be addressed and rectified.


A Faulty Foundation Causes Wall Cracks


You might have heard that homes require a settling period after they are built. While this is definitely true, it is possible for a home to settle too much. If your home was not built on a strong and stable foundation, it could possibly be settling in an uneven manner or even sinking too much. When this occurs, deep cracks can form as the settling process pulls your walls in ways it should not.


Excessive Weight Causes Cracks


In some cases, cracking occurs due to excessive loads placed on floors and ceilings. One mistake homeowners make is installing a lighting fixture that is too heavy for the home to be able to maintain. This can cause your ceiling to form cracks. Heavy pieces of furniture, such as large bookshelves can also prove too heavy and cause cracking. This is especially true where hardwood flooring is concerned.


Structural Problems Cause Cracks


If you notice not just cracking, but any of these other issues, your home most likely has structural problems with its foundation. Crooked doorways, uneven floors, and big cracks in the walls mean that your foundation has issues, and you need to call a contractor immediately to fix your home before it becomes unsafe to live in.


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