Experiencing Cracks In Your Home’s Foundation? Here’s Why

all aspects waterproofing home foundation Discovering that your foundation is cracked can be concerning. Even homes with solid structural integrity can develop wall cracks over time. Cracks in your basement walls may be a sign of the foundation settling. Ignoring the issue for too long could result in more severe damage to the foundation. Continue reading to learn more about the common causes of home foundation cracks.

Excessive Moisture

If there is too much moisture, the soil that supports your home’s foundation can expand and damage structural components, such as decay or weakening caused by water leaks.

A Defective Plumbing System

Regularly inspecting your plumbing is crucial to ensure the pipes are secure and undamaged. This will help prevent any water leaks. If your house does not have basement waterproofing or a sump pump, excess water can seep into the soil and cause expansion, pushing against your foundation.

Settling In Your Foundation

When the soil becomes too unstable to sustain the weight of your home and changes, settlement happens. Most houses are designed to tolerate an inch of soil movement, while some regions may require up to four inches. Various sources, including soil movement, basement leaks, and tree roots, can cause settlement cracks.

Extreme Weather Conditions 

Due to expansion, high temperatures can cause concrete cracking. As the concrete expands in the scorching heat throughout the day, it contracts to its original place overnight. Furthermore, dry heat may cause the soil surrounding your foundation to shrink, resulting in foundation gaps.

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