Finding the Right Basement Waterproofing Contractor

Finding the Right Basement Waterproofing Contractor all aspects waterproofing

If you’re looking to waterproof your basement, it is important to find the right contractor.

If it is finally time to put the days of wet and flooded basements behind you and waterproof that important part of your house, you’re making the right decision. You’ve got an even harder one to make now, though. This is not a DIY type of job! You have to find the right basement waterproofing contractor because you’re putting your faith in them to install the correct drainage systems and perform your basement waterproofing job quickly, expertly, and without breaking your budget. That’s a lot to ask, and the right contractor can do it. Here are some important tips to help you in that search.

Check Reviews, Then Check Credential

As you start to look for contractors, start with online reviews. While its true that those who are unhappy with a service are more likely to post on an online review site than those who are happy, contractors will often also pick only the best reviews for their own sites. By looking at both, you should be able to get a full picture of past customers. If you have the ability, you should also reach out to the reviewers and as them about their experiences. Make sure to ask about things like staying within budget and timeline estimates, as well as how the contractor was to work with. Once you start reaching out to contractors, as for references, and then actually reach out to them as well. You should also ask for the contractors’ credentials and then actually verify them with the appropriate boards or agencies.

Speak To Them In Person

For the most part, contractors can’t and won’t give a quote without coming out to see the project for themselves. Make sure that you are there and that you take the time to actually talk to the contractor. Some of what they have to do will be measuring and note taking that you can watch but you don’t necessarily have to have questions about. But once that is done, make sure to have some project questions and details ready, including about an estimated timeline, their concerns over supply chain issues, their insurance or credentials or COVID protocols, or anything else that concerns you about the project. 

Directly Compare Quotes

Once you have several quotes (that’s right, don’t just take the first one, and don’t let any of them talk you into not getting any additional quotes), do a side-by-side comparison. Make sure that the quotes are actually covering the same scope of work. If one is significantly lower, is there something missing that the other ones spell out (like hauling away debris)? Have that contractor add it to the actual contract if he or she says it is included before you sign.

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