Why the Foundation of Your Home Matters

Why the Foundation of Your Home Matters

The foundation of your home is crucial when considering stability and functionality.

Every home is built on a foundation. While just about everyone realizes that a foundation is needed, most people don’t understand exactly why a foundation is so important. Even more people don’t realize that the design of a home’s foundation is also incredibly important. Why does the foundation of your home matter so much?

A Slab on Grade or Shallow Foundation

Many homeowners don’t want to deal with a basement, especially if they plan on aging in place or live in an area known for basement water damage. A slab on grade foundation is essentially a big slab of concrete above the ground that a home would rest on. This type of home foundation helps to prevent water damage by eliminating below-grade portions of the home. In the same fashion, it will not cost as much to heat your home or to build your home in the first place.  If you see a home’s basement as more of a headache than a necessity, a slab on grade foundation is perfect for you.

Basement Foundations

This is the most traditional type of foundation, and it has been for many decades. A basement can provide your family with many benefits, including increased plumbing and wiring access and additional square footage. Basements also are an important spot if your area has periods of severe weather, as the safest place in every home is the basement.

Why Does the Foundation of Your Home Matter?

Regardless of what type of foundation your specific home has, it is incredibly important to the health and safety of your family. The foundation stops your home from shifting or settling over time. Without a solid foundation, your home will experience uneven flooring or cracks in the soil. A strong and solid foundation will also provide you a reliable base throughout different weather patterns, including rainy springs and hot summers. The foundation of your home affects the quality, value, and longevity of your home.

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