Four Myths About Mold

Before we even begin, you should know a little bit about how mold works.

Having mold in your home or office is never a good sign, but it also comes with a lot of misconceptions. Mold and mildew can be highly dangerous and damaging when left untreated, and there are plenty of myths about how it works and the best ways to treat it. Before we even begin, you should know a little bit about how mold works. Mold can grow almost anywhere; it simply needs organic matter and moisture. Because it reproduces via spores, it can spread quickly over a wide range.  

Your House Should Be Completely Mold Free 

One of the first misconceptions that people have is the idea that a home should be completely mold-free. Thanks to the way that mold grows and how it spreads, there’s no way to have a space with no mold in it. Mold spores occur naturally, and there will be minor traces of it everywhere. That said, once you can see signs of its growth, even in small colonies, you should take action. 

Bleach Kills Mold 

The DIY side of the internet is likely responsible for perpetuating this myth, but not all mold will be killed by bleach. It is true that bleach can kill certain types of mold when it is used to treat nonporous surfaces, but these are ideal conditions. There are many types of mold that will need specific treatment, and if it is on a porous surface like wood, you’ll need to put in even more work. 

Removing Mold Is Optional 

You’ve killed the mold, but do you really need to remove it? This is always an odd question as even the dead mold will have an unsightly appearance. More than looks, mold, even when dead, can affect allergies and become airborne, causing respiratory issues. 

Small Amounts Of Mold Can Be Ignored 

It’s important to remember that for every small patch of mold you can see, there is likely an entire colony that is hiding. As soon as you notice that there is mold growing in your home, you should start investigating. In some cases, it may just be a small patch that can be cleaned and removed, but often its a sign that there is a larger problem at hand. 

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