What are French Drains and Why Are They Necessary?

French drain

. French drains are a classic and popular option that many homeowners love. What are french drains and why are they necessary?

Now that we are in the middle of the constant winter freeze-thaw cycle, proper drainage is more important than ever to keep your landscaping looking great and your basement dry. When choosing the right drainage system for your home, you are probably sorting through many different options. French drains are a classic and popular option that many homeowners love. What are french drains and why are they necessary?

How Does a French Drain Work?

French drains work by giving water a path of least resistance to flow through. Water will first enter a trench filled with gravel, then through a perforated pipe, then off into an area away from your yard or home. Trench bottoms are typically sloped 1 inch for every 8 feet you want the water to travel. Most homeowners will choose to divert the water to one of the following: a low-lying portion of your yard, a drainage ditch, a well, or the street.

Why Would You Need a French Drain?

French drains are popular because they are incredibly effective drainage tools. Beyond the general need for a drainage system, why might you need a french drain?

  • You have standing water after most rainstorms
  • You have a problem with surface water, like a driveway that is washing out or a lawn that is always soggy
  • You have flooding in your basement or home
  • You are planning to build a retaining wall on the side of a hill

What Type of French Drain Should You Choose?

If your problem is surface water, choose a shallow french drain or curtain drain that is located uphill of the area you want to stay dry. This location will prevent water from continuing to flow downhill. If you are trying to prevent water from entering your basement, install a deep french drain or footlong drain that runs along your house and stops water from getting below ground. If you are building a hillside retaining wall, use a french drain wherever you plan on having the first set of blocks or stones to prevent water from building up underneath or behind the retaining wall.

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