What Goes Into a Mold Inspection?

mold inspection

If you suspect there may be mold in your home the best thing to do is a professional mold inspection.

In simple terms, a mold inspection is when someone looks for mold growth in a building. However, there are certain steps this should and must include in order to be effective. Below are steps of importance which should be taken over the course of any solid mold inspection.

A Qualified Mold Inspector Is A Necessity

While anyone can poke around a house and guess at whether there might be mold or not, only a qualified mold inspector with the right training and experience knows exactly what to look for to ensure a space is safe and mold free. There are thousands and thousands of kinds of mold out there, making a trained eye imperative.
Evidence of Past and Present Mold Growth Should Be Accounted For
A history of mold growth may mean that there is a water issue which could create the ideal conditions for future mold growth, such as a repeated leak or a drainage problem. Past mold growth can also negatively affect sensitive individuals and cause others to develop a sensitivity.

Genuine Mold Inspections Are Thorough

An effective mold inspection goes deep beneath the surface. Mold should be looked for within the building, inside the walls, air ducts, and other areas. Even small often neglected areas, which are often the perfect environment for mold, such as crawl spaces, should be closely inspected.

Know Good Mold From Bad Mold

Certain types of mold are perfectly normal and do not cause structural problems or health issues. Two types of mold, Ceratosystis and Ophiostoma, grow on lumber. While they turn wood black, they cause no other issues and are not a cause for worry. A mold inspector can have any mold found on a property tested to ensure that it is not harmful.

Look For A Source Of Moisture

Mold cannot grow without a source of water or moisture, so figuring out where unwanted moisture and water comes from is key to stopping mold growth from reoccurring.

Does Your Home Need a Professional Home Inspection

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