Health Hazards Associated with Basement Leaks

Health Hazards Associated with Basement Leaks all aspects waterproofing

Without proper basement waterproofing, water coming in through cracks in the foundation may create the ideal breeding ground for bacteria and mold.

Have you noticed any new basement leaks with the summer showers we’ve had in the last few weeks? Without proper basement waterproofing, water coming in through cracks in the foundation or improperly sealed windows may create the ideal breeding ground for bacteria, mold, and dust mites. These aren’t just unsightly; they can be dangerous to your health if left for too long. So, why should you invest in a foundation inspection for your leaky basement? Your family’s health could be on the line. 

How can Basement Leaks Impact Your Family’s Health? 

Harmful Bacteria Growth Can Cause Infections

Bacteria thrive in warm, wet environments, meaning your leaky basement is perfect for harmful bacteria! Once it’s airborne, it can travel easily through your air ducts and into bedrooms, living rooms, etc., and cause a whole host of issues for you and your family. Without a foundation inspection and proper basement waterproofing, infections and other illnesses will come back. 

Breathing in Mold Spores Can Cause Respiratory Illnesses

One of the most common issues homeowners with basement leaks face is mold growth. While there are different kinds of mold, some more dangerous than others, they all have the potential to damage your airway if spores are breathed in regularly. If anyone in your family is beginning to experience unusual symptoms that aren’t due to any other condition, like breathing issues, eye infections, or new headaches, we recommend having a basement and foundation inspection to check for mold. 

Dust Mites Can Aggravate Allergies

Dust mites also thrive in damp, warm environments and can cause a few symptoms like sneezing, stuffy nose, or itchy eyes, just like allergies. If you’re experiencing seasonal allergies for the first time and noticed some basement leaks, it may be time to have an inspection and basement waterproofing done. 

There May Be Pests and Insects 

Wet basements don’t just encourage mold and bacteria growth, but they can attract other insects and pests like snakes to your basement. If your basement is leaking, there’s some kind of crack or gap leading to the outside, meaning bugs, insects, and other critters may be able to get in as well. While bugs like millipedes or house centipedes may not pose much of a health risk to you or your family, cockroaches can spread bacteria and parasitic worms, and rats or mice can spread disease with their feces and urine around your home. 

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