Here Are A Few Common Causes Of Basement Flooding 

All Aspects Waterproofing basement floodingBasement flooding is one of the most annoying and sometimes highly expensive issues a homeowner may experience. If you are unsure of the cause of the issue, it might be challenging to know how to stop basement flooding. Listed below are some common indicators of basement flooding.

A Leaky Plumbing System

One of the most obvious reasons for basement flooding is plumbing issues. They might manifest as a burst frozen pipe, a water heater leak, or even a washing machine hose leak. Plumbing maintenance is key to preventing a catastrophe, regardless of how the leak may begin. It is best to have the plumbing in your home evaluated as soon as you suspect a problem.

Home Foundation Issues 

Since the foundation of your home and your basement are interconnected, issues in one area frequently affect the other. Moisture infiltration into your basement can be caused by poor insulation, improper grading, and water buildup at the foundation. Additionally, once a small amount of water seeps in, it can eventually cause fractures to form, spread, and develop, which may result in structural issues in addition to flooding. If you see any cracks or stains in your foundation, be sure to call the professional experts at All Aspects Waterproofing.

Leaky Windows Around Your Home

Many individuals are unaware that the windows in their basements could be vulnerable to floods. Since your window is a low spot close to your basement, it is likely that water will begin to pool there if your gutters are clogged or your downspout fails to guide water away from your home. Furthermore, if your window is already leaking, the increased water pressure will simply encourage it to do so. Making sure that your window wells are adequately covered and that your basement windows are insulated, sealed, and studied are the greatest things you can do in this case. In some circumstances, you might wish to think about replacing your windows.

Issues With Gutters And Downspouts 

Because they are cleaned less frequently, gutters are notorious for becoming clogged. Similar to indoor plumbing, leaks or freezing in gutters and downspouts can result in more extensive home repairs. Debris removal will encourage water to continue flowing into the downspout rather than collecting and freezing. Make sure your basement’s downspouts are directing water away from it.

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