Why Home Humidity Control Matters

home humidity control

Learn how home humidity control affects your health and comfort.

We spend a lot of time thinking about temperature control in our homes, but there is another aspect of in-home climate that is equally important: humidity. There is actually a “just right” humidity level for the home, ideally between 40% and 60% humidity. In very arid climates or older homes, this can be difficult to achieve, however, and may require installing a specialty system. Installing a specialty system is a worthwhile expense since home humidity control play an important role in health and wellness.

Control Indoor Pollutants

Indoor air quality is usually seen as a problem for people who have allergies or other difficulties breathing, but it should actually concern everyone. Indoor air pollutants range from dust to mold spores and can sometimes make people very sick. When your home maintains a humidity level of over 40%, those air pollutants are more likely to precipitate out. Instead of breathing in all of that junk, it binds together with water molecules and falls down safely. 

Healthy Hydration

When you think of staying hydrated, you probably only think about how much water you’re drinking. The humidity of your environment also plays a part, however. Living in a dry environment dries you out too, resulting in dull, damaged hair and dry and itchy skin. The same goes for your wood floors, and furniture and your artworks – the dry environment of your home dries them out too and makes them more prone to damage. Home humidity control helps you avoid this damage.

Less Static

Proper humidity levels in the home can also protect against static shock. We often associate static shocks with winter, but that is because our homes are less humid in the winter. Any time our home gets too dry, we can build up static electricity. This isn’t just annoying (although the odd zing when you touch metal in your home certainly is annoying), it can also damage electronics and potentially cause fires. 

Prevent Illness

Many people don’t realize that viruses thrive in drier environments. When the air is moist, the viruses have a harder time transmitting, so adequate home humidity control can help you stay healthier. This is a big thing in the winter, when cold and flu viruses hit us the hardest (and when we tend to run heating units that dry out our indoor air), but some viruses strike all year round.  

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