How Exactly is Mold Dangerous and Why Mold Remediation is Essential

Mold can be highly dangerous if not removed by a professional!
Mold can be highly dangerous if not removed by a professional! 

Mold is rarely a good thing, except for the occasional cheese. Otherwise, whether we find it on our food (like bread) or on our walls (in the basement that flooded last week), it is a problem that we don’t want to deal with but know we have to. With the bread, it’s relatively easy, but with other household sources, mold remediation can be difficult and sometimes expensive. It is vitally important, however, since it can be a huge issue.

Mold is Dangerous

Having mold growing in your home can be very dangerous, depending on the type. Spores in the home can lead to respiratory issues, especially for people who already suffer from asthma or allergies or have a hypersensitivity to it. In these cases, any type can be a huge issue. There is one type that is always dangerous, however, even for people with no preexisting conditions: black mold. Black mold tends to live in undisturbed spaces, like attics or crawlspaces, so be sure to check those occasionally.

It Travels

Once you have mold growth, it won’t be contained to just the area it is growing in. It thrives in moist areas with porous materials, which could be any part of your home. Leaky pipes, flooded basement areas, condensation from hot showers, and many other moisture sources could result in an infestation, especially if you already have it growing elsewhere. This is because the spores travel easily by air. In fact, it will release spores at even a slight disturbance, so even the act of cleaning it up could set you up for more in the future if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Causes More Damage

Mold is not just dangerous for the people living in your house; it can also be hazardous for the house itself. When it takes root in building materials it can actually eat away at them, causing damage to the structural integrity of your home. Even if you don’t see any actual mold, you can often still tell it is there, from the musty odor it causes to the discoloration on walls that it leaves or even noticeable condensation on windows. If you suspect mold, it is essential to have a professional assess it as soon as possible before it does lasting damage.

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