How to Deal With Basement Humidity

How to Deal With Basement Humidity all aspects waterproofing

Mold and mildew are likely to grow in highly humid areas, especially in a basement with excess moisture

When it comes to your basement, excess moisture comes from humidity. In fact, basements are usually the most humid areas throughout the entire home. Since the basement is typically the one with the least amount of openings, it becomes increasingly important for homeowners to take steps and proactive measures to help reduce the humidity in the space overall. Ultimately, mold and mildew are likely to grow in highly humid areas, especially in a basement with excess moisture. Here are the best ways to deal with any basement humidity in your humble abode.

Preventing Condensation On The Walls

One of the best ways to deal with humidity in your basement is to reduce or prevent condensation from entering the space. In fact, inspecting the basement for any water leaks will be the best way to reduce the humidity in your basement over time. Having leaky windows or stagnant water can really cause your basement to become overly humid — leading to the potential for mold or mildew growth in the space down the line. Poorly sealed windows will inevitably lead to excess moisture in the basement, so properly sealing them all can do wonders towards reducing the overall humidity in the basement.

Installing A Sump Pump

There is no denying that installing a sump pump is a great way to reduce the overall humidity in the home — particularly in your basement. In fact, the sump pump will typically help to redirect the water more than 20 meters away from your home’s foundation. For the most effective and efficient results, having a tuck point in the interior and exterior is essential. Ultimately, doing so will inevitably curb the amount of humidity in the space overall. 

Installing A Floor Drain

Effectively and efficiently waterproofing the interior of your home — specifically your walls with a paint sealer can really be the best way to curb the humidity from reaching your basement. In fact, insulating your basement walls can do wonders. Having a floor drain installed in your basement can be a fantastic way to easily reduce the potential for water to enter your basement, thereby curbing the potential for having any humidity get the best of your basement. 

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