How to Tell When Your Sump Pump Should be Replaced

Here are some examples of issues that your sump pump could develop that will call for it to be replaced.

The sump pump is a valuable piece of equipment when it comes to keeping your basement dry. It has the important job of collecting excess water and pushing it out and away from your house. But over time, your sump pump might encounter issues that, if they go overlooked, could leave your basement defenseless. Here are some examples of issues that your sump pump could develop that will call for it to be replaced.


How old your sump pump is can be a big factor in its performance. Many homeowners don’t know that a sump pump should only last about seven years before it needs to be replaced. If your sump pump was installed by the builder of the house, then there’s no telling how old it might be. Some signs of an old sump pump include rattling and grinding noises, which indicate a worn motor.


Of course, rust is almost never a good thing. And for sump pumps that have their parts exposed to water constantly, rust is an eventuality. However, having your sump pump regularly inspected by a professional means that they could spot a developing rust problem before it goes too far. If your sump pump already has excessive amounts of rust, then it might be too late to repair it and you should consider replacing it. Excess amounts of rust will eventually impair and back up the system and keep it from running smoothly.


A sump pump has a lot of working parts, which unfortunately means that it can be subjected to defects. If your sump pump goes through irregular cycling, for example, then that could mean the float switch needs adjusting. But if the sump pump runs continuously, shakes while running, or can’t seem to keep up with the water level, then those could be conditions for motor failure. Even a sump pump in good condition should be replaced if it’s not suited for the house. One that is too small or that runs on house electricity and cuts off during power outages won’t be able to keep your basement dry during a major storm.

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