Maintenance Tips to take Care of Your Foundation

Here are some tips to help you maintain your foundation’s condition.

When your house has a solid foundation, then it gives you peace of mind that you can enjoy your home for a lifetime. For this reason, it’s important to keep an eye on your foundation and watch out for any maintenance needs, such as potential water damage, that could compromise the structural integrity. Here are some tips to help you maintain your foundation’s condition.


The first thing to look out for are any signs of cracks in your foundation. Foundation cracks are at risk for expanding, especially if there are signs of water accumulation or you live in an area with dramatic temperature changes. Smaller cracks can be filled in with concrete or epoxy. But if you notice a crack that is larger than a couple of inches, then you should seek a professional to repair it and guard against any deeper problems.

Nearby Vegetation

Many homeowners accidentally overlook the importance of landscaping when it comes to their foundation. In particular, the proximity of certain vegetation to your house, like trees, hedges, and shrubs, can actually have a significant impact on your foundation. Plants may be slow-growing, but that gives them and added strength and persistence. Tree roots have been known to work their way right through solid stone over time. It’s best to nip that in the bud by cutting back any vegetation that is growing right next to your house.

Professional Inspection

There are many other factors that can impact the condition of your foundation. Drainage, the condition of your basement, and even the grade of your property can help or harm your foundation quality. That’s why you should always seek out a professional foundation expert to inspect your foundation if you have never done so before. A professional will be thorough enough to spot any problems that could be missed by the untrained eye, and you will know that your foundation and house are in good hands.

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