Measuring the Severity of Wall Cracks

Here is how you can use measuring to determine the severity of your wall cracks.

Whether you barely notice them or they are all over your property, wall cracks can have a serious effect on your home. In many cases, wall cracks could be a sign of water damage or even a structural issue in your foundation. But there is a certain threshold to know when it comes to wall cracks and whether they are a concern. Here is how you can use measuring to determine the severity of your wall cracks. 


Most small wall cracks are harmless, as long as they are under a certain thickness. A wall crack that is the size of a hair, that is thinner than a millimeter, won’t usually cause any damage at all beyond cosmetic. And any wall crack that is less than five millimeters in thickness can be addressed by simply filling it in with caulk or epoxy. Tiny wall cracks like these are caused naturally. All houses after they are first built will begin to settle with gravity, and this can happen over the course of years. That means that wall cracks can be unavoidable, but they are also easily fixed.


Any wall crack that is bigger than five millimeters is likely a sign of other issues in your home, and you should consider having a professional inspection. Your basement is the main area where you should look for wall cracks since it is directly attached to your foundation. A professional will be able to tell you what type of problem could have caused the cracks. Sometimes, it could be a combination of factors, like water damage leading to a weakened structure.


Severe wall cracks should always be addressed as soon as possible. Anything at or exceeding 25 millimeters is a definite sign of structural problems. Wall cracks this bad can spread easily, and you will probably see a lot of littler cracks stemming from the main crack. A professional would likely recommend bringing in secondary supports until repairs can be made. Severe wall cracks call for extensive repair or rebuilding to prevent the wall from collapsing.

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