Why Does Mold Grow in Your Crawl Space?

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If your crawl space seems to fill with mold regardless of what you do, you may be wondering why that keeps happening.

If your crawl space seems to fill with mold regardless of what you do, you may be wondering why that keeps happening. If you are plagued by a moldy crawl space and want to know why stuff is growing, so you have the best shot at conquering it, read on.

The Conditions Necessary For Mold Growth


Regardless of the location, if a combination of these things are present mild growth is possible and in some cases almost guaranteed:


-Spores: These are everywhere, regardless of what you do, but only take root under certain ideal conditions.


-The Right Temperature: Mold thrives in temperatures habitable for humans, and sometimes even colder. This is why mold can grow in your fridge.


-Organic Matter: Mold needs organic matter to feast on, and it is everywhere. Mold loves wood, and the more processed it is, the better.


-Moisture: In order for sustained growth, the relative humidity of the air must be 70% or higher. Of all of the elements which feed mold, this is the one we have the most direct control over. In order to tackle mold in your crawl space, the source of improper moisture must be found.


Bulk Water


If there is standing water in your crawl space, you definitely have either a drainage problem or a plumbing leak. This needs to be fixed immediately before it creates a pool of water under your home that damages your foundation.  


Moisture Evaporating From The Ground


If the ground under your crawl space is moist, this means that moisture is constantly evaporating into the air of your crawl space. This can lead to mold. The ground that is doing this may even look quite dry to the eye, but it will be stopped if you cover it with a polyethylene vapor barrier.  


Moist Outdoor Air Entering Through Crawl Space Vents  


While it seems like it would work the opposite way, bringing outdoor air into a crawl space can actually increase the moisture in the air. Cool air does not hold moisture as well as warm air, so when hot outdoor air enters your home and cools, it releases moisture and can cause the relative humidity to jump in a space.



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