The Mold Inspection Process

If you think you have mold in your home, it is important to contact a professional to do a mold inspection

If you think you have mold in your home, it is important to contact a professional to do a mold inspection

If you think that you might have mold in your home, you want to contact a professional immediately. The professionals at All Aspects Waterproofing have the tools and expertise you need to figure out if you do in fact have a problem with mold, even if it isn’t visible to you. It is good to know the steps that go into a mold inspection. Here are the steps involved in the mold inspection process.


The first thing a company will do during the mold inspection process is ask you a few questions to assess the severity of the situation. They will ask you about the current conditions, including questions about the air quality and why you suspect there is mold. They will also ask about any past and current problems such as humidity in the home, bad odors, roof leaks, and if you can visibly see any mold present in the home.

Visual Inspection

After asking you a series of questions and deciding that you may in fact have mold in your home, professionals will do a thorough visual inspection of your home. They are looking for any possible areas where water could have gotten through, water damage, and any visible mold in those areas. They may use tools such as moisture meters, laser thermometers (checking surface temperatures), or borescopes, which allow them to see inside of the walls. If they find anything telling of mold, they may take some pictures.


The tricky thing about mold is that you can’t always see it growing in your home. This is why an air sample is done to see if any mold is detected that way and is arguably the most important step of the mold inspection process. They will take air samples inside and outside, and the samples will tell them if the mold counts are significantly higher in the home versus outside. It can also tell them what type of mold is growing on the property. They can also sample different surfaces including your carpets and actual areas where mold is seen.


The inspector will write an official written report of what they found in your home. These reports include the pictures that they took, what the mold levels were, and what type of mold is in the home. They will then include recommendations for what steps you should take next. If they find toxic mold in your home, you want to act immediately because it can have negative effects on your health. This report will let you know just how bad your mold problem is.

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