Mold Testing: What to Expect While They’re Inspecting

If you suspect that mold could be growing in your home then getting a professional mold inspection is a good step to take.

Chances are, you have heard a lot about the dangers mold can present to your house and health. So, if you suspect that mold could be growing in your home then getting a professional mold inspection is a good step to take. Here are a few things that you can expect from your mold test.

Visual Inspection

Your professional mold inspector will first take a look around your entire property for signs of mold. What they are looking for is any sources of moisture and water damage that caused or contributed to the problem. And if you have a particular area of concern in your house, such as a wall in your basement, they will take special attention in looking over that space.

Air Sampling

One of the most important steps in mold inspection, your mold inspector with take a sample of the air in your home for any spores. Especially if mold is found growing in your house, your mold inspector will need to take an air sample to see whether there are airborne spores and if they are harmful. They can do this by setting up a spore trap, which looks similar to a small vacuum. Airborne spores might sound scary, but the truth is that the majority of mold varieties are not dangerous.

Surface Testing

Next, your mold inspector will take samples of the mold if they find it growing in your home. Usually they will pick up a sample with a swab or a piece of tape. With this test your inspector should be able to determine which type of mold is present in your home. The sample is carefully packaged and sent to a laboratory for analysis.

Treatment Recommendation

With all the testing done, you will have to wait for the results for the level of health concern the mold presents. However, before they leave for the day, your mold inspector will want to discuss some options for dealing with the mold. An experienced mold inspector will be able to identify any serious concerns, like black mold, right away and may suggest a mold remediation process. Otherwise, they will discuss problem areas where you can prevent mold spreading, such as those with high humidity. Also, they will offer treatment services that are based on the particulars of your home and where the mold is growing.

Above all, it is important to make sure that you contact a knowledgeable and qualified professional to conduct your mold inspection. He or she should have up-to-date mold inspection certification and be able to identify the source of mold and recognize the difference between harmless and health-threatening mold varieties.

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