What You Need To Know About Window Wells

If finishing or remodeling your basement is a goal project that you’ve set for yourself, you may be wondering what some of the most important first steps include. Before you can turn your daydreams about having a lower-level guest room, family communal area, or office space into a reality, you’ll need to take those important primary steps. If you’re not familiar with them, window wells are a crucial element that you’ll need to install for proper ventilation and avoidance of possible mold and health concerns.

You’ll Need Them for Your Basement’s Windows

Unless you purchased your home with a fully finished basement, odds are there are no window wells for your home’s lowest level. The windows themselves can come in a few different forms: daylight windows, which have one or more sides at your home’s grade level (if you can walk straight out of the house and find yourself on the ground without the need for additional steps), which usually will not require the need for window wells, and underground windows, for which wells are a necessity. In this instance, the window well is your basement’s opening to the outside, and this is crucial for air and proper sunlight — as well as a means for an emergency exit.  The window wells are half-circular or rectangular galvanized steel or polyethylene shields that attach to the side of the house, supporting the earth and preventing moisture from reaching the basement window. They also keep the soil away, even while allowing water to easily drain away from your house’s foundation.

An Easy Installation Process

For all the numerous benefits that window wells provide towards the safety and security of your basement’s integrity, it’s also good to keep in mind that the installation process is easy. After a trench is opened under the basement window, a drain is then installed to carry water out of the well itself. This process includes the additional installation of a trench sloping and pipe to carry out the water. After a testing procedure, the window well is good to go!

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