How to Prevent Summer Water Damage

There are many causes of basement flooding.

There are many causes of basement flooding.

From the flash floods to the hot summer waves, summer is always one of the most exciting seasons to say. In the middle of all the varying weather and the rain, our house is the least place we would want the water to collect. For this reason, water drainage is one of the things we should consider to attain through waterproofing. Let’s look at the tips below so that we can control the water damage in your house.

  • Clean the roof gutters: For all of us, this is one of the things we always want to do. We want to brush the roof off and get to it next time. A clogged gutter, on a rainy day, forces water spillage to your home foundation. This can be done through the roof or down the basement to cause serious foundation water damage. Therefore, ensure that you clean your water gutters next time for a better water drainage system. Seek professional help if they are too high to reach.
  • Lock and close the doors, windows, vents, skylights to keep out the wind and water if you go on vacation. You can also shut off the gas to the heater or turn on the vocation setting of your home if you are going on vacation.
  • Fix water leaks in your home: Whether it is a leaking roof, a dripping pipe, damaged shingles, your roof is missing, your roof is loose, be sure to fix the problem or seek professional help if the problem is out of hand.
  • Test your sump pump: you will always be sure to prevent any water leaks in your home if you check the status of your sump pump. This action can be done annually for optimum results. During the occurrence of storms, you can test the subject more frequently. For this reason, you will be sure to prove that nothing has changed with your sump pump.
  • Keep an eye on your water bill: Water bills can cause havoc on your financial plans in a home. If they are too high, they often affect your budget. Water pipes are often hidden behind the floors and in the walls. For this reason, a leak will not be recognized easily. Until damage has been caused, a leak will not be known in the home setup. Be sure to keep an eye on the monthly billing rates of your water usage. If the cost has gone up or they have started looking unusual, this is a good sign that there is a leak somewhere.
  • Clogged toilets: Summer often means that the kids are home from school. It also means that you receive frequent visits from your family and friends. This often leads to an increased toilet and bathroom usage. In this case, it means that toilets will be clogged easily. Be sure to look at the base of your toilet to check how it flushes. This often reveals signs of stains, waterproofing and rolled vinyl.

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