Prevent Water Damage In Your Basement With These Tips

Damp Basement

Water damage can be one of the most frustrating issues for homeowners. A pool of water in the basement can not only spoil your belongings, but it can also attract unwanted issues that can cause significant damage to your foundation and components in your home. Below are some helpful tips for preventing water damage in your basement.

Have The Foundation Of Your Home Inspected

Begin with the foundation for the best basement waterproofing. When inspecting your home, remember that water can enter via any small opening and cause damage. Being hypervigilant when checking for gaps, chips, or cracks will pay dividends. If you find any, you should close them as quickly as possible. If you discover any significant holes or missing portions of the foundation, you should have them repaired by the experts at All Aspects Waterproofing immediately.

Inspect Drainage Systems For Damage

Believe it or not, the state of your roof, downspouts, or gutters can all contribute to basement water damage. When inspecting your roof, look for any debris or leaves in your gutters and downspouts and clean them out. Take note of how far your gutters and eave downspouts stretch away from your house on the ground. Water might pool around your foundation due to clogged drainage systems or gutter overflow from debris, causing water damage in and around your property.

Check Your Window Well Covers

Basement window wells are infamous for catching rain or melting snow. When water is close to your windows, it easily leaks through and causes water damage. Window well coverings are an excellent basement waterproofing strategy because they keep rain and debris out of your windows.

Make Sure Your Basement Is Properly Insulated

Is your basement always damp? Because concrete absorbs moisture naturally, it is necessary to establish a water barrier before putting drywall or flooring. Water will eventually leak through the concrete and damage your nice furnishings if you haven’t taken the required basement waterproofing precautions. Of course, if you want waterproofing assistance, contact a professional! We’re here to keep you and your family comfortable and secure by waterproofing your basement.

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