Preventative Care for Your Basement

Taking care of your basement, especially during the summer months in Maryland,

can be quite the ordeal. Basement flooding is a huge problem, especially after

summer downpours, and a flooded basement can ruin an entire weekend trip or

weeks of your time. How can you take care of your basement with preventative care

to prevent basement flooding from wreaking havoc on your summer?

Basement Flooding 101

A basement is flooded whenever there is standing water pooled in it, and it often

happens when there is also flooding or a big rainstorm outside. If you live in an area

that has flooding issues, there will never be a surefire cure for the problem. Most

basement flooding isn’t large pools of water, but is small pools or seepage. This is

very common in homes that haven’t had grading done in long periods of time.

Preventing Basement Flooding 101

Now that you understand what basement flooding is, it’s time to take care of the

problem before it ever occurs.

 Install a valve between the drainage system in your home and the sewer

system. This flood control system is the best way to prevent water from

flowing back into your home once it leaves, which is one of the primary

issues with basement flooding.

 Make sure that your sump pump is in good working order. Many people think

that sump pumps prevent water from flowing back into the home, but that

isn’t the actual case. Sump pumps can only do so much, and once the water

table rises a certain amount, they will not be able to keep water outside of

your home.

 Check the gutters and downspouts around your home to make sure that

everything is in great condition, not clogged, and effectively pointed away

from your home

 Use a de-humidifier in your basement to lower the amount of moisture in the


 Check your basement frequently after rainstorms to ensure that no flooding

has occurred.

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