Critical Signs You Need New Window Wells Before The Winter Season Comes

Every homeowner is obligated to protect their homes against flooding and water damage. A  flooded basement may result in a lot of expenses and inconvenience. Ensure enough drainage in these areas to prevent water damage to your home’s foundation and windows. Basement protection from the elements relies on several factors, including the proper waterproofing of window wells. Listed below are possible indicators of leaky window wells are listed below.

All Aspects Waterproofing Window Wells

Window wells are a critical part of your basement waterproofing.

You Can Hear Water Dripping Down Your Walls

The presence of dripping water during or immediately after a thunderstorm is a telltale indicator of a window well leaking. In most cases, you will be able to observe this water pouring down the walls below the window well. The water and the streaks it left behind make it quite evident that the window well was broken or not operating correctly. Even little precipitation has the potential to pool in window wells that are not properly vented, which opens the door for moisture to enter your home through the windows. After this has occurred, the window will continue to drip water until the issue has been resolved.

Walls Become Damaged By Water

You can still recognize a window well with a leak, even if you do not see water dripping down the walls. If you suspect your window well is leaking but can’t discover any proof to support your suspicions, you should keep a close eye on your basement the next time it rains to see if you can identify any leaks.

You Discover Mold Growth

Finding mold might be hazardous to your health. If you see mold developing, this might indicate moisture escaping through your home’s walls. Mold grows best in damp settings. If you investigate the windows in your basement and notice the initial stages of mold growth, there is a good likelihood that water is leaking into your home. However, there is more work than simply removing the mold. To stop further mold growth, you will need to locate the source of the moisture and then find a solution to the problem.

You Find Puddles Of Water Beneath Windows

A substantial collection of water on the ground next to a basement window indicates that the window wells are leaking water. If you have seen water pooling in your basement, you should investigate the problem as soon as possible and look for other potential sources, such as a dripping pipe. After you have determined that fractures do not cause an issue in the foundation or water damage from leaking pipes, the most probable culprit will be your windows.

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