Sump Pump Mistakes to Avoid

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Your sump pump is a crucial part of your basement drainage system.

Sump pumps often go overlooked in a home, especially since they are usually tucked away in the basement. But your sump pump is a crucial part of your basement drainage system. Your sump pump is used to direct groundwater away from your home and remove large amounts of water to other areas, such as storm drains. So, you want to ensure that it is in good shape not to flood your basement. If your sump pump malfunctions or stops working, it could cause immediate problems for the basement and foundation. Here are some common sump pump mistakes that you should avoid.

Letting Debris Get in the Pump

Debris like gravel, leaves, or garbage can pose a serious issue if they find their way into your sump pump. If your sump pump is installed near silt or gravel, there is a good chance that your pump can suck the debris in and destroy the motor. To prevent this from happening, make sure your pump is on a stable, flat surface. It also helps to have a filter fabric to prevent debris from entering.

Not Testing the Pump

When you get your sump pump installed, you should always test it to make sure it is working correctly. You don’t want to wait until there is a flood to realize the sump pump is not functioning properly. To test your pump, slowly pour some water into the sump pit until the float switch activates. If the water level lowers and the pump automatically shuts off, everything is working correctly. A malfunctioning sump pump will run nonstop even when things are dry, or it may not start at all.

No Backup Power

Usually, sump pumps are wired directly to the house’s electrical system, which is where they get power. Some sump pumps may have a backup in case of a power outage. However, if your power goes out and there’s no backup power source, then the sump pump won’t function. When a big storm hits and knocks out your power, that’s when you’ll need your sump pump the most.

DIY Installation

It can be tempting to want to make all of your home improvements by yourself. However, some projects are best left to the professionals. For example, if you have never installed a sump pump before, don’t bother to try doing it yourself. You may not have required the tools and training to properly install it and thus running the risk of paying even more for repairs in the future compared to having it installed by a professional plumber from the beginning.

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