How to Take Advantage of Your Sump Pump

How to Take Advantage of Your Sump Pump

A sump pump can protect you your home from excessive water damage.

As a homeowner, you’ve likely taken every precaution possible to protect your investments and precious belongings from damage. This includes taking every measure to prevent water damage, especially in the basement. Heavy rains are inevitable in certain parts of the country, and Maryland is no exception. From those heavy rains comes the possibility of flooding. If you have a sump pump ready to go when necessary, here are a number of ways to ensure that your sump pump works as it should, to protect your home and belongings from flood damage.

Regular Maintenance

Like all the systems and appliances in our homes that help us keep it clean, safe, and secure, your sump pump requires regular maintenance. This includes regular testing to ensure that when you need it, it will function properly. This means pouring water into the pit and checking that is operates as it should, by removing the water to then move away from your home. You may also need to clean your sump pump by removing any dirt or other debris that you see and ensuring that it is clear of any obstructions that could block it from operating properly. 

Back Up

Heavy rains often go hand in hand with storms and what sometimes goes along with those are power outages. If your home experiences a power outage in addition to heavy rains, then your sump pump may not work exactly when you need it to. A battery backup system for your sump pump would be a wise investment to ensure that it operates in any situation. Consider your sump pump only half of the way functional without a backup system because if your primary sump pump fails, then you’ll still have to deal with the flooding and water damage that you were trying to avoid. Making the investment now will ultimately save you time and money after water damage occurs.

Installing a Sump Pump with All Aspects Waterproofing

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